Sir Foxley Fox - historical adventures in beautifully illustrated books

About the Author

My name is Andrew Lauder, whilst at school I enjoyed acting, writing poetry and stories and was lucky enough to go to Christ’s College at Cambridge University, where I studied French and German both of which I speak fluently.

My career started off in export and I have been fortunate enough to have had adventures in over 70 countries and then, for the last 20 years of my business life, I turned companies round from loss to profit, as Managing Director.

My wife and I retired to Cyprus and after a very serious accident, just 10 months ago, from which I was lucky to escape with my life, I realised that I wanted to do something for future generations, having been given this extra chance.

My favourite books have always been the Wind in the Willows and the Jungle Book, so it was only a short step before Sir Foxley-Fox became a real character in my mind.

The first book, General Falconius Fox and the Roman Invasion of Britain( Or how General Falconius Fox invaded Britain with a little help from Julius Caesar) is more light hearted whilst still being historically accurate, the second book, First Officer Fox and the Battle of Trafalgar ( Or how First Officer Fox won the Battle of Trafalger, with a little help from Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson ) is historically accurate but rather more serious, as befits the discipline of the Royal Navy!

My aim in writing what will be a series of historically based books, is to show children aged 8-108 how much fun history can be and through exciting descriptive scenes, show them the beauty of the English language, all tied in with larger than life foxy characters who have been responsible for great moments in British history!

Add to this the quite amazing illustrations from Dan, with no less than 27 individual drawings in the first book , and hopefully these books will give pleasure to many generations.

Whether I have succeeded or not is up to the reader to decide!