Sir Foxley Fox - historical adventures in beautifully illustrated books

About the Artist

My name is Dan Ungureanu and I bet you won’t be able to pronounce it correctly!!

I was born in Romania and at an early age I preferred colour pencils to any toy as the only thing I have always wanted to do is to draw.

I have been privileged to be awarded an M.A. in children’s book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art and also was the student runner up for the Victoria and Albert Illustration Award in 2015.

I love history, so that when Andrew asked me to do the illustrations for his “The Heroic Foxes of Foxwood” series, it all came easily, thanks to great character and scenic descriptions from Andrew and to the likeable nature of the foxes in his story – I just love them and I hope that this is apparent in my illustrations.

I can’t wait to get started on his next book, “First Officer Fox and the Battle of Trafalgar.”