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Independent reviews...

"The book has everything a child could want to keep them entertained, fantastic characters, a full and exciting plot with plenty of dramatic moments and a little bit of gore here and there.
A wonderful book that will subtly teach, whilst still telling a captivating and impeccable story.
But what I particularly like is, as well as bridging the gap between the human and animal worlds, Andrew is educating in a fun way - it's just brilliant." Whispering Stories review.
"Just finished Andrew's book - LOVED it - I was such a reader as a child - loved the Narnia books, the Roald Dahl classics, the Wind in the Willows, and this really reminds of them." CEO My Pawsome Pet.
"Can't wait for the next book in the series, so that I can read it to my grandchildren" USA purchaser.
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Sir Foxley-Fox’s Christmas 2018

It was an unusually cold Christmas in Foxwood.

No snow, but the old oak tree and the other trees in Foxwood stood out in stark contrast to the forest floor as they were covered with frost, which gleamed like a million diamonds in the early morning sunshine.

Sydney Spider, was most displeased to wake up on Christmas morning to find that his web had become a beautiful but completely useless ice web, showing the magnificent intricacy of his workmanship but absolutely no good for catching flies or other insects.

The wise old owl went to sleep on a branch of the old oak tree, feeling nothing more than that it was a cold night and was woken, unusually, in the early morning covered in ice,which cracked as he moved - he had become an ice owl!!!

Smaller animals, normally excited by the arrival of Christmas morning found that their little paws were sticking fast to the ice and found that scurrying about was completely out of the question.

Mr. Badger, fast asleep in his den was oblivious to all this and slept and snored all the way through Christmas day with Mrs. Badger and the twin baby badgers - another good reason for them to hibernate!

In Foxley Hall, the residence of Sir Foxley-Fox and family, they were snug and warm by a blazing log fire, drinking steaming mugs of cocoa and with Sir Foxley-Fox nursing his usual post Christmas Eve headache and  hangover, having enjoyed the festive celebrations rather too much, much to the annoyance of Lady Foxley-Fox.

Fortunately for him , he had bought her a rather beautiful gold necklace, which had helped to ease her anger and the four cubs, Buster, Squabbler, Squealer and Felicity were all excited about the many presents they had received.

Luckily for Sir Foxley-Fox, he had been informed by Fox News that there would be a cold spell during the Christmas break and he had bought ice skates for all the cubs, much to their excitement.

Lady Foxley-Fox declined the offer as she was more of a spectator than a skater, but Sir Foxley-Fox was a most accomplished skater and had a pair of ancient, but very comfortable skates, which he had owned for many years.

After a hearty breakfast stolen from the nearby farmer and tasting that much better for it, Sir Foxley-Fox decided that the cubs should go down to Foxwood Pond to try out their new skates.

On arriving at Foxwood Pond, it seemed that many other animals from Foxwood had the same idea but Sir Foxley-Fox, as Chairman of Foxwood Council, noticed that the South end of the pond was sheltered by a large tree and to his experienced eye, he realised that the ice at that point would be much thinner than elsewhere on the pond.

He therefore decided that no animal should go near the South end of the pond, and that no animal heavier than a fox should be allowed to skate on it. Fortunately the heavier animals had all come to the same conclusion, so there was no uproar.

Apart, that was from the Ponsonby-Snodgrasses!!!

I am sure that you will remember them from other stories.

If not, then they are available on Amazon!!

I digress, sorry about that.

Now, Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass had been given the top of the range “Super Glider” skates for Christmas and his father felt he should be given the opportunity to try them out and complained bitterly and very loudly to Sir Foxley-Fox that his actions were unjust and contrary to various equal opportunity laws and regulations and did not uphold the principle of equal rights for humans.

The other animals all laughed at the pompous windbag, whose face was getting redder than the berries on the holly tree and Sir Foxley-Fox, whose headache had by now completely disappeared following this attack by Mr. Ponsonby-Snodgrass, made another momentous decision.

I say momentous because this decision was to have a momentous impact on what happened next.

Sir Foxley-Fox wisely and tactfully decided that if the Ponsonby-Snodgrasses decided to skate on the Pond, then all other animals would leave the pond in thirty minutes time and then the Ponsonby-Snodgrasses would have the exclusive use of the whole pond to enjoy at their leisure. BUT Foxwood Council would take no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to them and would accept no liability.

Mr. Ponsonby-Snodgrass, scenting a great victory huffed and puffed at Sir Foxley-Fox, and he and his wife, in company with their very large stomachs, strapped on their skates half an hour later and together with Eustace raced onto the ice.

All went well for a few moments as the animals waited in breathless anticipation of what was bound to happen.

Eustace Ponsonby-Snodgrass challenged his father to a race and both of them, with reckless abandon hurtled down the length of Foxwood Pond towards the South end!!

It was Mr. Ponsonby-Snodgrass who, being the heavier of the two, fell through the thin ice first, closely followed by Eustace, with large splashes and screams at the coldness of the water.

Yet again, Farmer Giles and his tractor with mighty Trelleborg tyres pulled the two shaking and shivering and snivelling Ponsonby- Snodgrasses from the pond and deposited them on the bank, whilst all the animals were laughing their little heads off as the Ponsonby - Snodgrasses plodded their way back home, two of them squelching at every step.

“What an enjoyable Christmas cabaret” declared Sir Foxley-Fox and all the other animals in Foxwood shouted and hooted and squealed with delight.

The End

Happy Christmas from the Sir Foxley-Foxes.