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Escape from Foxwood

Welcome to a brand new virtual escape room, that sends your favourite fox cubs, Buster, Squealer, Squabbler and Felcity from the Tales of Sir Foxley-Fox on an adventure around Foxwood. At the end of each page, there will be a puzzle to solve. Once you have worked out the answer, click on the link to the right hand side of the screen and type in your answer. All answers are lowercase unless the answer is a proper noun. On each page there are hints at the bottom of the page, simply highlight them and the words will appear. Good luck from Sir Foxley-Fox. The first puzzle answer is given to you so you know how it works. 

Puzzle - Finish this title, The Heroic Foxes of.......


Hint 1: it is a proper noun so needs a capital letter

Hint 2: it is written in the image at the top of the screen

Hint 3: Foxwood